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How to show your working

What if we had already had a bunch of enthusiastic friends that even included the subject matter experts, lawyers and policy advisors, who worked on the original internal interpretations?

“Show your working”

The idea is that we move towards requiring all public institutions tasked with implementing government services to provide public reference implementations of their interpretation of the law that governs them....

Rules-as-code-as-data and DMN.

18 months ago we were looking at the RuBRIC project with the Wellington City Council and planning to code the rules contained in their district plan.

Relationships and rules, a simple philosophy.

This is the opening post of my documenting of a beautiful project I have been involved with over the last 14 months that applied some of the #rulesascode work we...

“Legislation as code” research report released

Please to announce further to the 9th March 2021 press release (below), the launch of this same report in an easily linkable web format.

Test blog post.

I’m writing again.