Hamish Fraser
Hamish FraserDesigner (degree), programmer (20yrs), director, researcher, former paid public servant, former elected councillor

Test blog post.

I’m writing again.

The last time I blogged I was an elected councillor in New Zealand’s default town. I had about 5 readers and every now and then my blog would end up as the headline news on the front page of the local newspaper as the editors scrambled to find “news” beyond “cat stuck up tree”.

It was an interesting town from a planning perspective. Originally two towns, Rhodes town and Government town; the two town planners apparently didn’t see eye to eye. Government town (despite having the better layout) was looked down on, Rhodes town was the private project of the Rhodes brothers.

Suffice to say however there were tensions, to the point that the northern boundary of Government town (known as North Street of course) became the point where the towns met and naturally the planners refused to align any of the connecting streets (see pic above).

Anyway I’m rambling, I just want to say that I’m going to be doing a lot of writing about rules and a thing call “Open Interpretation”. Hopefully lots of code experiments also. This is on the back of a research project titled “Legislation as Code” and a project at the Wellington City Council that interpreted their district plan in a #RulesAsCode fashion. It all raised a lot of questions, possibilities and a desire to dig into things further.