A legislation experiment


This implementation has been inspired by my work in Central and Local government where the teams I work with have all needed a much more referencable set of documents than are currently published.
These examples are all derived from the existing XML formats supplied by the publishers.

Please read the accompanying “A love letter to the Parliamentary Counsel of the world” first.

Dedicated to all those tasked with documenting, interpreting and coding our regs and laws.

Current examples:

Digital Services Act (EU)
Notes: Multi lingual example, considered complete.
Web interface: https://hamish.dev/experiments/ll/dsa/en
API endpoint: https://hamish.dev/api/ll/dsa/en etc.
Size: 1385 data points

General Data Protection Regulation (EU)
Notes: English version. Not checked.
Web interface: https://hamish.dev/experiments/ll/gdpr/en
API endpoint: https://hamish.dev/api/ll/gdpr/en etc.
Size: 1392 data points

Dissemination of Terrorist Content Online (EU)
Notes: Excludes annexes, considered unfinished, developed as test to check robustness and reusability of EU XML processing
Web interface: https://hamish.dev/experiments/ll/dtco/en
API endpoint: https://hamish.dev/api/ll/dtco/en
Size: 377 data points

Social Security Act 2001 (NZ)
Notes: No notes, complete with tables, examples and equations.
Web interface: https://hamish.dev/experiments/ll/ssa/en
API endpoint: https://hamish.dev/api/ll/ssa/en etc.
Size: 13481 data points

Social Security Regulations (NZ)
Notes: No notes, considered complete.
Web interface: https://hamish.dev/experiments/ll/ssar/en
API endpoint: https://hamish.dev/api/ll/ssar/en
Size: 5521 data points

Accident Compensation Act 2001 (NZ)
Notes: Complete with tables, examples and equations.
Web interface: https://hamish.dev/experiments/ll/acc/en
API endpoint: https://hamish.dev/api/ll/acc/en etc.
Size: 6064 data points

Harmful Digital Communications Act (NZ)
Notes: New Zealand small act example, considered complete.
Web interface: https://hamish.dev/experiments/ll/hdca/en
API endpoint: https://hamish.dev/api/ll/hdca/en
Size: 455 data points